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How We Got Started

My love for Australian Shepherds came about when my last dear border collie passed from old age. I couldn't seem to bring myself to get another border collie (it wouldn't have been the same), so I started researching other herding breeds. I am an avid horseback rider, and had met a woman who had a miniature australian shepherd with her on the trails. I was fascinated by his attentiveness to her and he went wherever she went. I loved that! I learned that aussies are very affectionate, loving, and extremely loyal to their family. I wanted that, so I went on the hunt for one. My first aussie (and my heart dog!) was a miniature named Mirage. She was a year old when I got her, and she had always been a kennel dog. She was so sweet and SOOOO needy that bonding with her was a breeze! I kept her in the house from day one, and she sleeps in my bed to this day! I taught her to follow my horse in the pasture that first week, and 2 weeks later she went on her first trail ride to Love Valley, NC. She learned she liked riding on the horse as much as following, and she has been riding with me every since!
I love sharing my passion and knowledge about this breed, and have met so many wonderful people through providing them with their lifelong companions! Please feel free to contact me anytime, as I love to talk about this lovable breed!

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At Deep River we believe pets are PETS, and are supposed to be part of your daily life and home. That is why we are passionate about raising puppies and kittens in the house and not kennels and catteries. It means more hair in our home and a lot more dusting--but I just feel it makes a better pet for you. I wouldn't have it any other way!

“You think those dogs will not be in heaven! I tell you they will be there long before any of us.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

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