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Sign and send with deposit. Can be scanned and emailed.


Deep River Australian Shepherds (Stephanie Young)

I, _________________, have agreed to purchase a Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd from Deep River Australian Shepherds (Stephanie Young) for ___________.  A $300 non-refundable deposit must be received to hold the puppy of choice and puppy paid for prior to delivery. Buyer is responsible for costs related to shipping puppy. Picks of litter are honored in order of the deposits made.

By reading this contract, I agree to the following stipulations:

This puppy will be sold as full / limited registration with ASDR.  Date of birth of puppy __________.

Sex_____Color________. Puppies will have age appropriate shots and worming prior to going home. 

Shipping:  All puppies can be shipped. Shipping and puppy must be paid for in full 1 week prior to shipping date. I will not make an apt for puppy to have a health certificate until all fees are paid.  Once payments are made, arrangements for shipping will be made. All flight arrangements will be done to best serve the buyer, however first and foremost will be the welfare of the puppy. Shipping will not be available weekdays unless ground shipping. Seller is responsible for making flight arrangements and being in contact with the airline prior to shipping, same with ground shipper (I will provide a name if needed). Sometimes weather does not allow for shipping of animals due to being too hot or too cold.  Any changes in airline schedule or delays, seller will not be held responsible. Seller will make every effort to ship the puppy in a timely manner and no later than 12 weeks of age. NO REFUNDS will be given for puppy and/or shipping charges for any circumstances. Buyer should be aware that these are possible and be able to accept their puppy unconditionally even if puppy’s shipping arrangements are changed or delayed shortly.

Buyer has 48 hours to have puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian. Failure to do so makes contract null and void.  In the event that a problem should arise with said puppy, puppy shall be replaced with a puppy of equal value from the next available litter, provided that said puppy has been returned to the breeder.  NO REFUND will be given for puppy, however a credit will be given for a puppy in a future litter. To return puppy, buyer shall be solely responsible for cost of returning puppy to seller.  Buyer is solely responsible for any vet bills once the puppy is purchased and leaves the premises.

Seller warranties that to the best of her knowledge, the puppy being purchased is free from communicable diseases and is of sound body, stable temperament and is in good general health with vaccinations and de-worming as vet recommended for the age prior to leaving. Seller warrants that said puppy will pass a general health vet inspection/exam prior to leaving.

Buyer is required to have a licensed veterinarian administer three more puppy vaccines to said puppy. Parvo and Distemper vaccines must be given at appropriate age following first vaccine given by breeder. If buyer fails to have vet check done within 48 hours or fails to continue vaccines as stated above, this contract will be considered null and void.  Keep shot records from your vet.

All puppies/dogs are sold as pet quality only. This does not mean that they are not show/breed quality.

Conditions that are treatable are not guaranteed, including but not limited to worms(will be wormed appropriately from 2 weeks on) ear infections, coccidiosis, Giardia, Parvo (will be vaccinated with age appropriate shots prior to leaving) colds, respiratory infections, fleas and ticks (puppies are kept on a strict treatment schedule, but may still have them) and do not warrant a return or a replacement puppy. Color, size, earset, etc. is NOT guaranteed, only estimated to the best of our ability.

Genetic Health Guarantee – Seller warranties that if the dog purchased by the owner develops a “genetic” disorder such as hip dysplasia, deafness, or serious eye defect before the age of 12 months, then seller will replace puppy with another puppy of equal when a litter is available.  Such genetic disorder must be diagnosed by a Licensed Certified Veterinary Specialist for the issue. For Hip Dysplasia such certification must be from an OFA board certified vet and copy of findings must be sent to seller. Seller will replace upon RETURN of said puppy to Seller at Owners expense. Seller is NOT responsible for any vet or health expenses.

If there is a genetic issue that affects puppy/dog’s life, and the owner wants to keep the puppy, it must be neutered or spayed at owners expense and proof of such shall be sent to Seller with a copy of vet’s findings.  After that requirement is completed half of the purchase price will be credited towards another puppy of buyers choice at any time in the future.  ANY and ALL veterinary expenses are the sole responsibility of the OWNER. Seller is not responsible for any vet bills or expenses after the puppy leaves the Sellers care/custody or control without prior written consent from the Seller.

I never want any of my puppies to end up unwanted or in a shelter. PLEASE contact me to help rehome or return puppy/dog to me.

Any dispute that arises, and any and all attorney fees, court fees or any action brought will be the sole responsibility of the buyer to pay for it.

This contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of North Carolina. In the event of any dispute, it is agreed the place of venue shall be in Randolph County, North Carolina.

I, the undersigned buyer have read and agree with the terms and conditions set forth in this sales contract.

Buyer agrees and he/she understands this contract fully and agrees to abide by same.

Buyer’s Signature ________________________________-Date____________

Address:    _______________________________________________________

Phone number ________________________________

Email ________________________________________

Sellers Signature ___________________________________-Date___________

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